Jean Center established the Center Group in 1998 with a mission to bring innovative approaches to the field of human capital management. From organizational development to individual performance programs, the Center Group has led the way for scores of successful initiatives.

An accomplished management consultant with over 25 years of distinguished experience, Jean maintains a hands-on involvement in every engagement to ensure the best results for our clients’ talent management programs. She also draws upon a team of highly respected associates for their specialized expertise.

Our Experience

Our experience and credentials speak for themselves. Executive Director of the San Diego Tech Force, Outstanding Instructor of the Year at SDSU and moreā€¦

Our History

From business school and Harvard’s HR Effectiveness program to a highly accomplished corporate career, Jean has built a long record of success.

Our Philosophy

The effective development of human capital can be your greatest competitive advantage. We’re committed to helping you achieve your performance goals.

Client Case Studies

High-tech, biotech, health care and finance are just some of the industries we serve. How? We start by learning what drives your business.